Avo Bagramyan has always been interested in how things work. At a young age he would take apart his family’s VCR and put it back together. When he was 14 years old his older brother bought a car and together they would work on it. Avo had a natural ability and decided that fixing cars was his passion.

So when he got the chance he opened up his own shop with the objective to offer complete customer satisfaction. Avo and his crew want anyone who comes to visit his shop to feel like friends. That’s why honesty and transparency are their core values. They work on every type of make and model and thus are a great alternative to the dealership.

Whether you just need an oil change and tune up or are looking for a place to get a more serious problem looked at, give Avo’s Automotive a call. They’ll always give you their honest opinion on what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost to get you back on the road.


We're Taking This Seriously

We're still open and are taking the upmost care when handling your vehicle. Please give us a call, (323) 870-6282, today to inquire more.


We're offering:
Car Drop-off
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