auto-repair-downtown-los-angeles-90023Whenever you need to have your vehicle inspected come by Avo’s Automotive. We take care of our clients from the moment they walk through our door and even after they leave. As a CarFax approved auto repair shop in Downtown Los Angeles we can also provide you with your vehicle’s service history which helps us diagnose any issue with your vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So anytime you notice a funny smell or hear an odd noise while operating your vehicle during your commute or on a road trip, give us a call. Did your check engine light come on? No problem, we have the tools and knowledgeable technicians to effectively test the issue and get you back on the road before you know it.

Check Engine Light Downtown Los Angeles

Your check engine light can mean a lot of different things. From having a loose gas cap to a more involved repair. If the check engine light is not flashing then you can continue to drive your vehicle as normal but we recommend you have your car, truck or SUV checked out sooner rather than later. If the check engine light starts flashing it would be best to pull over, turn the engine off and call a tow truck.

The check engine light along with similar lights that turn on in your vehicle’s dashboard are also known as malfunction indicator lights. They are simply notifying you that your vehicle’s computer noticed an issue while your vehicle is running. Regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicle is the best way to keep these malfunction indicator lights at bay.

Some regularly scheduled maintenance items include but are not limited to: oil changes, brake inspections, fluid exchanges and flushes. Click here to read more about regularly scheduled maintenance.

Anytime you as the driver have questions about how to best maintain or repair vehicle, give Avo a call or swing by the garage. We are open from 8AM – 6PM Monday through Friday and 8AM – 5PM on Saturdays. We can handle any automotive repair issue you bring to us and we will provide you with a vehicle inspection so you can have a better idea as to the overall condition of your car, truck or SUV.

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We're still open and are taking the upmost care when handling your vehicle. Please give us a call, (323) 870-6282, today to inquire more.


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