factory-scheduled-maintenance-downtown-los-angeles-90023Every manufacturer puts their own recommendations for service at various mileage markers for your vehicle in the owner’s manual. In most cases, these recommendations are based on ideal driving conditions so it is important to keep in mind that extreme heat coupled with long stop and go commutes can easily be considered severe driving conditions. Here at Avo’s Automotive we understand the challenges that drivers face while operating their vehicles in and around Los Angeles.

After we have a chance to inspect your vehicle during a routine oil change or specific mileage service, we can give you a recommended service schedule based on the current condition of your vehicle and your driving habits because we know that no two drivers are the same. While service recommendations are important to adhere to, you should also not wait to have your vehicle inspected anytime you are experiencing an issue while driving.

We understand how much our customers rely on and demand from their vehicle and that is why we pride ourselves on the quality of service we deliver.

Vehicles Under Warranty In Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Also keep in mind that even if your vehicle is still under warranty you can choose to have it serviced at your shop of choice. Let Avo’s Automotive be your dealership alternatives. We can provide you with the level of customer service that will put you at ease any time you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle. We know how stressful times like this can be, but as a CarFax approved shop we can not only service your vehicle but look up its past service history to see if anything was missed that might be causing the issue you are experiencing.

Our ASE Certified technicians will walk you through any necessary repairs or services that your vehicle may need based on your manufacturer’s service recommendations. If you can’t find your owner’s manual, no problem, we can easily look up anything the factory recommends at your mileage.

Give us a call today or drive into our shop. We are open from 8AM – 6PM Monday through Friday and 8AM – 5PM on Saturday. You can also schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you. We will get your vehicle operating at its best!

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