check-engine-light-downtown-los-angeles-caAt Avo’s Automotive, we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and we’ll do just about anything to prove it. We realize that when your check engine light comes on, it’s not necessarily something you’re excited about. Check engine repair can be a daunting repair and not always a task you want to face, and we’ll work hard to make your visit as pleasant as possible when you put your trust in us. As a family-owned automotive diagnostic and repair shop, we stand by our reputation being honest and always educating the customer on what we’re doing and why.

Why Does the Check Engine Light Come On?

From an electrical issue or a sensor failure, to a rough-running engine or starting trouble, the check engine light can come on for many reasons. For example, your car’s drivetrain might lose power, or you could be burning more fuel than normal. While every car is different, there’s one constant: the auto diagnostic repair services at Avo’s Automotive. When you’re anywhere near Downtown LA and you need you see your check engine light or any other repair work, look to us as your reliable and professional source for solid results. We’ll take careful and meticulous care of your vehicle.

Is it bad if the Check Engine Light Come On?

All cars and trucks are different, but one thing holds true for every make and model— that is, they will all repairs at some point and the check engine light is a sign that that is the case. If you’re anywhere near Downtown Los Angeles and your check engine light comes one, your choice of shops should be an easy one. Avo’s Automotive is your honest, affordable and professional source for complete automotive repair and service. From a full-size truck to a two-seater roadster and everything in between, we’ll take careful and meticulous care of your passenger vehicle, light-duty truck or trailer.

We’re proud of our reputation throughout Los Angeles, especially downtown, as being a full-service, one stop shop for auto repair that handles a range of foreign and domestic vehicles. From an electrical diagnosis on Toyota to drivetrain work on a Dodge, our technicians utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment in all procedures. With our reasonable rates, we hope you’ll consider Avo’s Automotive in Downtown Los Angeles as a dealer alternative when you check engine light comes on or any level of auto diagnostic repairs.

We're Taking This Seriously

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