oil-change-downtown-los-angeles-90023Oil changes are hands down the best and most cost effective way to maintain your vehicle. The oil in your engine help protect and lubricate the moving parts within your engine compartment. The oil also helps remove debris and contaminants from within your engine and leaves them in your oil filter.

It is important to have both your oil changed and your oil filter inspected. Once the oil filter becomes saturated with contaminants it can no longer perform its function and thus the debris and contaminants continue to circulate throughout your engine. It is also a good idea to check your oil every other time you fill up your gas tank.

By checking the oil on your dipstick you can make sure that it does not appear burnt, gritty or discolored. If you notice any of these issues or if your oil is unusually low, be sure to have it inspected by a professional mechanic at your earliest convenience.

Oil, Lube And Filter In Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Not all vehicles use the same oil filter. It is important to not only make sure that you use the factory recommended weight and type of oil but that our oil filter fits correctly in your vehicle. This basic service helps keep your vehicle operating at its best.

Bringing your vehicle in for regular oil changes also allows our technicians to perform a quick inspection on your car, truck or SUV. We can give you a better idea as to the condition of your vehicle and how soon you can expect to service various items. Here at Avo’s Automotive we take care of our clients and can set you up with service reminders per your vehicle’s needs.

We can perform your oil change quickly and have a spacious waiting room. Give us a call if you think it is time for an oil change or drive on into our shop. We are open Monday through Friday 8AM – 6PM and Saturday from 8AM – 5PM. You can also schedule an appointment on our website for a time that works best for you.

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